Grubs Midline 5.0

Grubs Midline 5.0. Neoprene lined boot in Moss Green.
Size 6 only.
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Size 6 only.

The height of these Grubs Midline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Moss Green may be lacking, the innovative technology however, is not. Grubs midline wellie boots are loved by many for their ease of use and the confident feeling it leaves their wearer’s feet for any and every activity they are worn.

Grubs Midline Wellington Boots have a unique INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ and 5.0™ technology. Combined, they provide a self-insulating micro cellular construction material that makes each Grub Frostline Boot super soft and bouncy whilst effectively retaining heat and repelling water.

Ankles differ in sizes, and to keep the heat in, and the worst of the weather out, Grubs ankle height wellie boots are crafted in a clever material that is able to stretch to fit – by 100% if needed! Grubs Midline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Moss Green are capable of operating in temperatures between -10ºC to 30ºC (85ºF to sub zero)!

Grubs Midline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Moss Green Details:
Colour: Moss Green
Boot Length: Ankle Length

Features of The Grubs Midline 5.0 Wellington Boots in Moss Green:

  • INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ – A compression set of less than 7% compared to 20-25% to be found in other neoprene boots.
  • 5.0 TECHNOLOGY™ – A moisture wicking terry knit liner for ultimate dryness and stretchability around the calves.
  • Removable 6mm NITROCELL™ footbed – A nitrogen bubble structure increases the cushioning and insulative properties of the boots foot bed
  • SUPER-DRI™ lining
  • 2mm Natural Rubber Shell
  • Operate in Temperatures -10ºC to 30ºC (85ºF to sub zero)!
  • Self Hardening Layers Of Epoxy Impregnated Material
  • Also Featuring the new TRAX™ sole with HEXZORB™ and DURAPRENE™ technology