Luxury R.T.U. Iodine Teat Disinfectant

Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre

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Luxury R.T.U. Iodine Teat Disinfectant

Contains a dual active disinfection source, containing PVP Iodine, as well as a film former designed to ensure full and effective coverage of the teat skin and provide long lasting protection against environmental bacteria.

Rapid bactericidal action, has a highly visible intense dark brown colour, which quickly and easily indicates which cows have been effectively dipped or sprayed.

Has been tested in an UKAS Accredited Laboratory and has passed EN1656, showing that the product is effective against a wide range of common mastitis causing organisms in the presence of organic matter.

Contains high levels of blended emollients chosen for their hygroscopic and humectant properties to smooth and soften the skin and reduce cracks and crevices where bacteria may multiply.

May be pre-dipped and post-dipped

Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre

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