Clipperman Crest Clippers

A 35W, mains powered animal clipper/trimmer, with a cutting speed of 2,500RPM.

Supplied with an A5 #10 & A5 #10W blade (both with a 1.5mm cut length). The wide variety of A5 blades available make it perfect for trimming or clipping a small area on a normal to fine coated horse.

A small, versatile, and easy to handle clipper/trimmer for all animal owners.

Low noise and vibration makes this clipper perfect for young or nervous animals, who may be spooked by louder clippers.

Lightweight and easy to use, at only 0.5kg, with a 49mm handle width.

Generous 3m cable length allows for plenty of manoeuvrability when clipping.


The pack contains
1 x Mains powered Crest trimmer
1 x A5 #10 blade
1 x A5 #10W blade
4 x Blade combs offering a cut length of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm when used with the A5#10 blade
1 x Clipper oil
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instruction manual