Dengie Balancers

Dengie Balancer Range includes:
Alfa-A Balancer
Hi-Fi Balancer

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Dengie logo - superior quality horse feedA balanced diet is required to keep horses and ponies in good condition and to allow them to perform the work you ask of them. Recovery from exercise is also influenced by the quality of the diet you provide.

Although Dengie’s Alfa and Hi-Fi feeds contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, they are still considered to be “straight” feeds and so it is recommended that a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement or balaner is fed alongside.

If you aren’t feeding the recommended amount of a mix or cube, or you’re using a feed designed for a lower level of work than your horse is doing, you may also need to use a supplement or balancer to top up on essential nutrients your horse is missing out on.

Not supplying a balanced diet is very likely to result in poor health, poor performance and poor recovery.

Dengie Balancers have been formulated to complement both the Dengie Alfa-A and Hi-Fi ranges of fibre feeds. Unlike many Balancers, Dengie’s Balancers are free from molasses and so are very low in sugar and starch. The inclusion of linseed means that Dengie’s Balancers are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which, combined with a high specification of vitamins and minerals, create exceptional coat shine and condition.

Both packs carry the Dengie Balancer promise – your assurance of quality and peace of mind.

Comprehensive range of nutrients
Gut friendly ingredients
For optimum condition