ComfyBed Plus

With the high cost of the more traditional bedding options, we stock Comfybed Plus to ensure you can still get the highest quality bedding for your horse at a competitive price. Our premium woodchips and premium woodshavings blend bale is dust extracted and wrapped on hooded pallets each bale weight is approximately 24kg so more per bale and as both the key ingredients are manufactured at our own site we can guarantee supply year on year whatever the weather.

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comfybed-horse-bedding-yorkshireResearch has indicated that customers are continuously looking at ways to reduce stable costs, this research found that customers were regularly blending the preferred choice of bedding (woodshavings) with another lower cost bedding choice. Comfybed Plus eliminates the need for you to do this as Comfybed Plus is already blended enabling you to spend even more time with your loving horse.

We believe Comfybed Plus is the future of low cost but high quality equestrian bedding

How to Use.
Laying out your horses new comfybed plus will require 8-10 bales for a standard 12ftx12ft stables, we recommend that you bank the edges to improve the structure and ensure it lasts even longer. When using rubber matting you will only need between 6 to 8 bales and in both cases maintenance will require 1-2 bales a week

To create a stable and efficient comfybed plus for your horse just follow these simple steps

Step 1 – Remove all existing bedding and dust from stable.
Step 2 – Add comfybed plus around the stable to a depth of at least 6 inches.
Step 3 – Set the bed with a shavings fork, adding extra to the sides if a bank is required.

To ensure a hygienic bed, dropping should be removed daily using gloves or a shavings fork.
Take care to remove as little comfybed plus as possible, tossing the bedding around with a fork usually helps
Using a shovel, remove wet patches and move the dryer top layer to the banks of the bed.
More comfybed plus should be added when necessary to maintain a depth of at least 6 inches – this is usually once a week but in many cases your comfybed plus can last much longer.
Using comfybed plus will mean a smaller more compact muck heap when compared to shavings or straw, it also blows around much less than most other types of bedding resulting in a much cleaner yard for both you and your horse