Woodpecker Woodshavings

Type: Softwood Woodshavings

Suitable for: Horses, Poultry and Small Animal

Features: Natural odour control, Dust extracted, UK Sourced and Manufactured

Pack sizes: 20kg bale (approximate)

Please call for prices – 0114 288 2465
Collection / local delivery only.


Woodpecker woodshavings are one of the highest quality and most consistent equestrian bales available on the market.

Woodpecker is manufactured entirely from 100% softwood which is kiln dried to provide a naturally warm, soft and comfortable bed with a clean, fresh odour. Our advanced state of the art dust extraction system reduces the risk of respiratory conditions in the stable which supports peak health and fitness for both you and your horse.

Woodpecker woodshavings are highly absorbent. Wet drains to the bottom of the bed which ensures that the top layer remains dry. This not only makes stables quick and easy to clean but also reduces the amount of top up bedding needed, proving to be an economical choice for the discerning owner.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a weekend rider, Woodpecker is the natural choice for you.