Neosorexa Gold

Neosorexa Gold with Fortec exploits rodents Natural Feeding Behaviour through improved bait technology by: Increasing the appeal of the bait to rats and mice; Encouraging rats and mice to consume more bait sooner; Making the bait more arresting in the presence of other foods; and, Increasing the speed with which a lethal dose of rodenticide is consumed.

Size: 1kg



  • SUPER STRONG PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH ready to use pelleted bait containing Difenicoum, for use as a rodenticide by professionals for the control of rats and mice indoors and outdoors around buildings.
  • AS USED BY PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROLLERS for the protection of stored products, food, health and material protection eg historical buildings, farm buildings and technical objects.
  • COMES WITH FULL INSTRUCTIONS for safe handling, directions for use, first aid and safety information, storage instructions and directions for safe disposal of dead rodents.
  • MANUFACTURED BY BASF the leading manufacturer of rodenticides in the UK and leading suppliers of rat poison, rat poison blocks, rat poison just one bite, rat poison pellets, rat poison bait and rat poison sachets.
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE with our 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. Neosorexa rat and mouse pellets are different to Tomcat, Raco, The Big Cheese, The Pest Expert, Pest Stop and Rentokill it will kill rodents that become use to other anticoagulants./li>