Dr John Merlin Ferret Food

Dr John Merlin Complete Ferret Food

A complete and balanced recipe suitable for all types of ferrets. Rich in tasty chicken with rice, combining a blend of flaxseed & checken oils, rich sources of omega 6&3. A highly digestible, protein rich with low fibre & Yucca extract

Key Benefits

Complete formulated food for all types of ferrets
Tasty chicken with rice
High protein 37.5% and 20% oils & fats
Rich sources of omega 6&3

4kg or 10kg

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This tasty ferret food is a blend of high levels of chicken with liver, eggs and other animal proteins to provide an energy-rich nutritious diet that ferrets will find palatable and enjoy eating. Balanced omega 6 and 3 oils and a complement of vitamins and minerals are present to help maintain optimum health and vitality.

Suitable for: Ferrets

Poultry (minimum 35% chicken), wheat, chicken fat, chicken liver (minimum 4%), egg, yeast, potato, flaxseed, sugarbeet, fish, vitamins and minerals, yucca extract

Pack Sizes Available
10kg or 4kg

Nutrient Breakdown
37.5% Crude Protein
20% Crude Oils & Fats
2% Crude Fibres
6.5% Crude Ash

Poultry (minimum 35% chicken), wheat, chicken fat, chicken liver (minimum 4%), rice (minimum 4%), egg, yeasts, potato, flaxseed, sugar beet, fish, vitamins and minerals, yucc extract

Feeding Guide
When feeding Dr John Merlin for the first time it is suggested that you introduce the product gradually over a few days until it replaces all other food. Always feed to condition adjusting the amount fed to meet the ferrets needs, dependent upon circumstances and to maintain the desired body weight.

Daily feeding guide – A typical maintenance amount for an adult ferret is between 40-80g daily although this amount will vary due to body weight, activity and environment

Always ensure that fresh drinking water is readily available at all times.