Heygates Rabbit’s Choice Pellets

Heygates Rabbit's Choice pellets are a superior quality 2mm pellet. The carefully selected raw materials include locally produced cereals fortified with proteins, minerals and vitamins to satisfy all your rabbit's nutritional requirements. A vitamin C supplement is added so that Rabbit's Choice can also be fed to guinea pigs and other small mammals.

Each pellet contains all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions so that your rabbit is always getting the correct balance of nutrients.

Heygates Rabbit Choice Pellets 20kg.

Please call to arrange collection – 0114 288 2465
Collection / local delivery only within a 10 mile radius of S35 7DH.

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Heygates Rabbit Choice Pellets 20kg.

Heygates Rabbit Pellets are a superior quality 3mm pellet suitable for both domestic and commercial rabbits. The quality raw materials are packed with proteins, minerals and vitamins to satisfy all your rabbit’s nutritional requirements. Vitamin C is added to the pellets which makes this feed also suitable for Guinea Pigs and other small mammals.

The feed is perfectly balanced and will provide a balanced diet for your bunny!

Made up from 17% PROTEIN 16% FIBRE.

Always provide fresh clean water alongside your rabbit pellets.

As a guide feed 25g of Heygates pellets for every kg of your rabbit’s body weight. When you introduce a new feed do so gradually to avoid digestive upsets.

Any feed should be kept in a cool dry place and kept away from pests.