Livestock Handling

Sheep & Cattle Handling Equipment
  • Farm Fencing
  • Field Gates
  • Stock Cubes
  • Permanent Cattle Handling Systems
  • Mobile Cattle Crates
  • Squeeze Crates
  • Full-Access Crates
  • Continental Cattle Handling Crates
  • Scissor Yoke Crates
  • Highland Cattle Crates
  • Cattle Race & Access Cubicles
  • Head Yokes
  • Head Scoops
  • Loadbars
  • Hoof Trimming Attachments
  • Beef Monitors
  • Bale Claws
  • Combi Clamp Trailers
  • Combi Clamps
  • Super Multi Bale Handlers
  • 3-Way Shedding Gates
  • Transport Boxes
  • Sheep Races

Sheep & Cattle Handling Equipment

Pennine Country Store supply the multi award-winning Ritchie Combi Clamp, along with an excellent range of sheep handling equipment that make the daily handling of sheep much safer and a lot less time consuming. Our cattle crates, handling equipment and handling systems all help in the everyday running of your farm or smallholding.

We offer a vast array of hurdles and gates, either individually to suit your needs, or complete tried and tested systems for any application. We also offer a collection of feeding and drinking accessories.

Award winning products, unrivalled experience and modern production techniques combine to deliver quality that is built to last for a long time.

Please call: 0114 288 2465 for further info & prices.



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